Wednesday, February 21, 2007

One stocking down!

What a beautiful few days I had on Skye! There was sunshine, there was a hailstorm. There were climbs into wild landscapes and cosy evenings by the log fire knitting stockings.

And I finished the first Cinderella stocking!

So it can be done! All the trauma was worth it. The pattern now “works”, and is a rewarding knit, I think. Lots of variety to keep a knitter’s interest, over what could have been a long long over the knee knit. Lace, two-colour knitting, three stitch patterns, and all the usual socky architecture.

It took me a long time to get used to the back seam pattern and I have cropped my photo of the back to avoid showing you where - ahem! – I got it wrong! It is only a two-row repeat, but heaven help you (me) if you drop a stitch. I worked out how to pick it up, but it was a fiddle.

The other technical hitch I ran into was the undersole design – I completely forgot that although I was working in the round, the contrast yarn would not be going all the way round with me (duh!), so I devised a system of weaving it back to the right-hand end of the dpn with a darning needle. The same effect could be achieved by doing duplicate stitch embroidery, but I prefer to knit.

The completed pattern is with Robynn for tech editing. Bryony kindly looked over the heel shaping to ensure it made sense – thank you!

Robynn suggested using the Knitty template to write up the pattern. I tentatively graded it as “piquant”, but it might be verging on “extra-spicy”…? I have lost all sense of perspective on its difficulty level, having been immersed in the design since October and knitting and ripping for a month!

Next project? Well obviously I need to knit the second stocking, and I am really looking forward to it, just knitting and knowing that all I have to do is follow my instructions! But I think I will have a little break to finish the little Cindy socks I started while waiting for the yarn for Cinderella. Although I am a bit dissatisfied with them – I think the herringbone weave pattern is too “close” for a sock. I might rip them back and go for the Ripple Weave pattern (Vogue Knitting Fall 06) as originally planned for this yarn.

I am also having a destash via Ebay from this weekend onwards. Time to chuck out the chintz (or in my case, the factory-produced self-striping sock yarns which I really don’t like) and use the proceeds to buy things I really DO like – like more STR and Piece of Beauty! And I am going to be selling some hand-made stitch markers too, if you are interested! The fiery red chillies are my favourites, for extra-spicy knitting! More on this later in the week...


gilraen said...

Oh that is fabulous Ruth. I'll have to post a link/picture on my blog. If you don't want me too let me know. I feel that the beauty of these deserve as much blog coverage as possible. :)

I'm really enjoying watching these 'grow'. :)

gilraen said...

BTW where can we see the stitchmarkers? :)

Bryony said...

Woohoo! Well done for finishing that one :D Looking vvvvvvv good :)

Teaandcakes said...

Wow! That's such a pretty sock!