Tuesday, March 27, 2007

100% proof

Look what I've got! (Apologies for neck-craning - I forgot to rotate it on my home software.)

The proof of my Cinderella stocking pattern for final final FINAL checking before it goes public!
Robynn is on holiday for a week, so I expect this to be available at Purlescence in early April.

Robynn has made such a lovely job of turning my notation, charts and photos into a real "Storytellers pattern" - it has such character to it. I especially like the system she has used for grading her patterns - tee hee hee! I won't give it away - but I have to tell you I love it!

And I have finished my pair. Here they are: the first ever pair of Cinderella's secret stockings! Just in the nick of time - I would have been mortified if someone else had finished their's before me!

I also heard from Katherine, winner of the Puss in Boots competition. She has just set up a blog at Katherine Laarzen Knits. Pop over and offer some moral support as she sets about designs knitting her Castle Cat Couture!

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gilraen said...

Fantastic looking Stockings. Well worth waiting on. :)

That's a pattern I'll be wanting! :)