Sunday, July 29, 2007

Pink is a colour

“The pink geraniums in the window…
She stood still and looked up at them, and she found herself rejoicing in their beauty. After all, though pink was not her favourite colour, it was a colour and… all colour is of the sun, and good. And pink is the colour of dawn and sunset, the link between day and night, because when one is rising and the other setting they so often greet each other across an expanse of rosy sky.”
P.249 “The Little White Horse” by Elizabeth Gouge (Awarded the Library Association Carnegie Medal for being an outstanding children’s book in 1946)

Late last night I took First Love back to hospital. Friday’s chemotherapy started quietly but by Friday evening he was unable to even keep plain water down. This continued all day Saturday, until we realised it was NOT going to “settle” on its own, and we had run out of anti-emetic pills.

So this morning I was up at dawn, to walk the dog through the fields. Yesterday we disturbed clouds of butterflies and a bird of prey circled overhead, but this morning it was still and peaceful.

The kitchen floor has never been so clean: scrubbing is therapeutic.

I have reached the ankle of Clessidra.


Midsummer night's knitter said... of my favourite novels.
Sorry to here that FL is hospital but hope that they have succeeded in getting the nausea and vomitting under control.
Best wishes,

ambermoggie said...

hope FL feels well enough for home soon and sending positive thoughts for your both

Knittings Nice! said...

Therapeutic is good, knitting...those gleaming floors....well wishes...Teresa x