Monday, July 30, 2007

Press purchase

Today I went to Etsy and for the first time pressed the Purchase button!

I have been stalking pigeonroofstudios for a loooong time, waiting for an update, and this morning there it was! I had hesitated several times over the pigeonroof collection at Woolgirl because they didn’t have the exact shade I wanted and although part of me said “buy everything, you know you want to!” I managed to avoid a Woolgirl order, and today managed to stop at one skein of the perfect colourway direct from the dyer – woo hoo! Sportweight, but believe me it is cold enough in my house for sportweight socks in July, never mind the winter! I am imagining a “clog sock” with plenty of back-of-leg action…

And then I remembered spotting a “sold” skein of yarn in a colourway called “scratch art” at another etsy shop, Dyeabolicalyarns… so I pottered over there and yes! Another store update waiting for me! My daughter will love this yarn – black with streaks of primary colours through it. I see this as a set of punkish armwarmers. Did you see the recent film of “Bridge to Terabithia”? (It should be out on dvd very soon, if not already.) The main girl character had an amazing indie wardrobe, including a funky collection of disembodied sleeves. My daughter and I agreed they were essential. Now at least one of us will get some!

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