Thursday, July 19, 2007


Back again with a pair of socks.

These are the Scrolls from More Sensational Knitted Socks, in Piece of Beauty “Vintage Floral” – this is the old-style fingering merino which I just LOVE. Kirsty, please can you stock it again? That’s my PoB stash exhausted – must do something about that soon!

Size 1 (2.25mm) needles, the yarn and the pattern were a really good match: smooth stocking stitch and popping lace – lovely! I especially like the 3-garter-stitch edge to the heel flap – a very polished touch. These are for a birthday present later in the year. I didn’t manage to memorise the lace pattern, but it wasn’t too much of a chore to watch the instructions as I knitted the main leg section. However, I found the book layout a bit annoying, having to flip from the front to the back of book within a row to check the shaping and stitch pattern sections. And it took me a while to sort out how to read the stitch numbers for my size as I moved down the sock. But maybe that was just the effects of sleep deprivation.

Thanks to everyone who has left a supportive comment over the past couple of weeks. Once I am back at work I will have daytime broadband access so will be able to visit your individual blogs. My home dial up is too slow.

The days are starting to have a routine, and I can see that Fridays are the hardest. That is chemo day and First Love becomes extremely anxious and depressed and physically sick. Last Friday was desperately sad. I hope I can be strong for him this week. I wasn’t prepared for it last week and I let him drag me into his whirling despair, which didn’t help anybody. Thanks to those of you who suggested contacting the Macmillan organisation – we are awaiting a phone call to arrange a visit.

I am supposed to return to work on Monday but I am not sure how it will be possible. He relies on me to administer his medicines, make sure he eats at least once a day, and drink as much as possible. And just to make sure he doesn’t trip over the cat on his slow painful way to the bathroom. I thought I might drive home at lunchtimes, but he is saying it would be too much for me. Maybe I will have to arrange to work shorter days. I just don’t want to reduce our income or risk losing my job. Not knowing how long this could go on. Weeks? Months? Years?

I realised we don’t have a decent photo of the two of us. How ridiculous! We were hoping to marry later this year. Just a quiet ceremony in a special place, maybe at the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses, with a few friends. I have joked with him that he needs to get fit enough to get up all those stairs! But I am afraid it may never happen now. Sorry to be so lugubrious! But if we make it to the Light Room, I will make sure there are plenty of pictures.


Midsummer night's knitter said...

Perhaps being signed off ny your GP is an option for a little while until various routines are sported out - I imagine that the MacMillan nurse will be able to give a detailed list of what support is available - maybe one of their nurses can come for part of the day. One of my nursing colleagues used to work part time for them, and I know that she used to go overnight to give family/partners a break so it doesn't seem like to wild an idea to think that there may be a similar arrangement for during the day...
best wishes,

gilraen said...

Good suggestions there. A pill mill can help with organising the actual medication for someone to help with. I'm really glad to hear you be more positive. :)

I so agree about Kirsty's lovely merino. I miss it...............really really really :)

Midsummer night's knitter said...

Yes - I use a 'pill bible' for my neds- I take quite a few and even when I am at my sharpest, it can be hard to remember what I have taken. A pharmacy will actually put all the correct meds in the correct compartments for you, so all you need to do is pick it up - or have it delivered????

Hanne said...

I still have two colors left, Robe& Bowl and Glacier Melt. No idea what to do with them, the pattern must be really special because Kirsty doesn't stock the yarn any more. I haven't tried her new sock yarn, so I might still learn to love it.
I recommend pill mill as well. I have IBD and before my surgeries I had a lot of medication. It's easy to see what you have taken and what is left with a pill mill. And at some point taking meds becomes a routine.

Hanne said...

BTW, we hosted our wedding party in a museum. Doll and clothing museum, in a fact. It was a great choice because the guests could go and see the exhibitions when there was no special program going on.