Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sockapaloooza 4 arrives!

I am the luckiest sock-swopper in Sockapaloooza 4!

Look what I got!!!!

It's a Monkey! A pair of Monkeys... in Socks That Rock Silkie!?!

Rebecca has done a very beautiful thing - they are soft and warm and a perfect fit... and I love the colours! I looked back to see what I asked for... and I said I would like purple and if it wasn't asking too much, STR would be ideal - and I got it!
She also sent me a skein of handspun in a gorgeous emerald green, which almost became fingerless mittens late last night, but I decided to go to sleep instead!
Oh - and one of those little sock-blocker key ring thingies - very cute!
There are lots of exclamation marks in this post... but that sums up how I feel - WOW!
Thank you SO much, Rebecca!
I posted off my pal's package yesterday. I know it is still a little bit early but things are so up and down here that I didn't want to risk missing the send-off date in my distraction. First Love is still in hospital, but that's the best place for him at the moment. Maybe back home today? We shall see.


Knittings Nice! said...

What a lovely surprise the socks look gorgeous...and the green yarn is pretty. Like you put on your previous post I have always looked at the etsy shops but never pressed to buy...might do next time....but being good at the moment as saving for Ally Pally in Oct.

Courtney said...

I am green with envy...I must package up and post my socks as soon as possible so that the good karma of me being on time will get my socks to me faster. :)

Bryony Ramsden said...

Wow! Those are ace :D You lucky thing! Mind you, you deserve it all.


PS LEt me know which yarns you've seen on Ravelry you fancy trying. You'll be getting some White Willow though either way ;D

RooKnits said...

I got my socks today.. I still can't believe it. THANK YOU so so so so so much.
I'm glad you got lovely socks too... but they are not as great as mine :0)

Seanna Lea said...

Those are stunning! I am a little behind (because I always put off blocking - bad of me). I will be mailing mine early tomorrow.

Rebecca said...

Those are beautiful!!! Hope mine get here today, I'm getting anxious.

Jessica said...

Beautiful Monkeys--lucky girl! What colorway of Socks That Rock are they?