Sunday, July 22, 2007

Violets and clover

I have cast on for Clessidra in Wollmeise Superwash sock wool, colour Veilchen (violets). It took me several attempts to do the set-up row: so many stitchmarkers (7)! And it didn’t help that I snapped one of my lovely Lantern Moon 2.25mm needles, so I am working with 4 wholes and 2 halves – luckily the hourglass cable is about the same breadth as a half! I have got the hang of it now and it is knitting up well. I couldn’t quite believe that I needed this much width for my calf (110 stitches), but I tried it on and it isn’t ridiculously baggy at all. The colours are beautiful and the pooling is perfectly acceptable – a blend of colour rather than a sharp contrast.

I tried to start my Lead or Follow scarf, but I couldn’t do it. Five attempts at the first row, and every one a disaster. Too tight, a lonesome stitch left at the end of a row… my mind was not up to it. I need sock knitting right now.

Back to work in the morning. Short days until we see how First Love manages on his own. He is able to get around the house with a walking stick now- how ironic for the man who walked 5 miles a day until a few short weeks ago!

Found a four-leaf clover out in the fields!


Knittings Nice! said...

Wow what an absolutely gorgeous intense and vibrant...must give this company a go. Is the ordering easy etc...but trying to be good for Ally Pally on the spending side.

Hanne said...

I have to get that color!

About the Woolgirl - I chose a option with First Class Mail and it cost 140 $. Priority was 20$ more and the difference between was getting the shipment a few days later, although she promised to send mine before sending the US packets if at all possible.
And with normal orders, she has changed her policy from international flat rate to charge the real costs (or the flat rate of 20$).

Did I convince you already? ;)

Bryony Ramsden said...

Yum - looking good petal :) Hope the 4 leaf clover is pressed and in a safe place...

Still having connection probs btw - intrigued by your swap suggestion :p anything I might have that you fancy a bit of back?


gilraen said...

The Wollmeise looks lovely! :)

Clessidra is a long sock, good luck :)