Thursday, July 26, 2007

Woolgirl sock club

Have you seen that Woolgirl has started a sock club?
Hanne gave me the wink and I did not hesitate to join - woo hoo!
I have many justifications for this: the exchange rate is favourable right now; Woolgirl stocks the most amazing range of indie dyers, all of which I would love to try; oh - and I need a treat!
It runs from September to February, which gives me plenty of time to finish Clessidra and rustle up a couple of pairs of warm socks from the stash for First Love before I indulge myself.

Clessidra is going well but still seems very wide - I read through the full set of decreases last night and it only goes down to 78 stitches at the ankle, compared to my standard 64... trying not to worry about this! I keep trying it on and all seems well - maybe the extra stitches are to make up for the cables? Hmmm. I refuse to rip it - the fabric is far too lovely to destroy and I am making steady progress - I have knitted about six inches and in any other sock that would mean I was ready to do the heel! Another seven or eight to go... gulp.

Oh - and Rebecca sent me a lovely lovely lovely box of goodness from Connecticut! I won't tell you why, just yet, but there will be photographs of the gorgeous contents - this is just to let her know it arrived safely and that I am THRILLED! You got it exactly right!

Many thanks to well-wishers re my last post. We are lurching from euphoria to despair - not helped by the news that First Love may need a full blood transfusion just to get through this first treatment stage, as his blood count is plummeting. Tomorrow is chemo day, so I will be sitting beside him with Clessidra, acting as a gentle cheerleader while the drugs do their stuff.


Hanne said...

Secret yarn packages make it sound almost like you were going to design something again.

I'm happy you joined the Woolgirl sock club also. It will be even more interesting for me, when I get to see what you do with club yarn and patterns!

Archiknist said...

I'm so glad the package arrived and that everything is right.

I'm crossing my fingers very hard for your and first love.


theproofreader said...

Still hoping, praying and thinking about you all everyday!