Monday, August 27, 2007


Oh please save me from weekend frustrations!

My 11 year old daughter was obsessing over a suduko in the Saturday Times - the one labelled "Fiendish". She wanted to win a laptop. Even supposing she successfully solved the puzzle... aaargh! 
So it was with great happiness that I escaped to the woods with the dog and the latest IK! I was determined to get to the heel of the second Golf Stocking yesterday so that I could justify ordering yarn for the Mirepoix Bodice! The more I look at it, the more I realise it is a girly sweater version of the Golf Stocking: a fair-isle bodice (like the cuff) and long ribbed sleeves and body. That's a lot of ribbing! And the Composed Mitts are calling to me. I really enjoyed reading the article on cable-knitting too. Hooray for IK!
I turned the heel of Golf 2 by dinner-time and am hopeful that First Love's hospital outpatients appointment tomorrow will see off the end of this loooong sock!

Meantime, Notorious is positively screaming at me to swatch, and I am pondering June Bride fingerless mitts in the handspun from Rebecca my Sockapalooooza pal. See the purple dpns? I couldn't resist them from Woolly Workshop when I ordered my IK - on the grounds that I didn't have 3.75mm dpns and they are needed for June Bride - tee hee hee!
But I am trying to save the handspun to combine with the Pigeonroof Studios handspun I ordered a couple of weeks ago - it's not here yet. I fancy a Chevron Scarf in deep purple and emerald - mmm!
But I haven't forgotten Clessidra... or Marina Piccola plans... or that list of future projects I drew up several months ago. So many ideas, so little time!


Lucy said...

Really enjoying browsing through your blog. very sorry to hear about First Love's health problems. Your socks are beautiful...

theproofreader said...

The fair isle (mirepoix bodice) sweater is lovely. Have fun with all your projects..hope too the young one wins her lap-top.
Also hope your 'First Love' is doing well.
Thanks, for the free pattern.
Happy knitting