Monday, August 06, 2007

Lots of projects

Clessidra was progressing well and then I turned the heel and the previously-snapped needle snapped again. So I am stalled until my new set of dpns arrives. First Love came home from hospital late on Friday night and remarked that he needed more socks - hooray! So I foolishly showed him my pattern collection, pointing out the Boyfriend Sock and the Undulating Rib for special attention... and then he spotted THIS in Knitting Vintage Socks!
"That's the one!" Are you sure? "Oh yes - that is the sock I want: up to my knees with a good deep cuff!" Oh. OK. Gulp. Then I gave him the pick of my stash and he chose the most unlikely dark brown / green heathered St Ives with "lovat" fair isle. Lovat? I think he meant the blueish shade but I confused Contrast 1 and Contrast 2, so it turned out to be the greenish shade.
My daughter is appalled. "That is hideous, mum!" she hissed, when he was out of hearing. But he LOVES it! There is a bit of a generation gap issue here I think. This probably reminds him of the socks his mother knitted. It is a very Scottish-looking sock. And it is actually a lot of fun to knit. First there is the discipline of the fair isle cuff, and then you turn it inside out to knit the main leg in a simple rib - absolutely mindless speedy knitting - lovely!

You might notice, however, that fair isle is NOT my strong point. I got away with my dodgy technique for Roo's Rainbow Socks ( 2 to 3 stitches per colour at most), but I am too much of a "thrower" for longer passages of "weaving up and down at the back" and my fabric develops a sort of jacquard texture... as it did on the heart heel of Cinderella's stocking. Sigh.
And here is the finished Japanese linen / cotton tunic. From the same book as before. I love it over my wide jeans. There is cream lace at the hems, home-made Liberty-print bias binding at the neck, and a gorgeous vintage button from Grandma's button box on the shoulder.


Midsummer night's knitter said...

Glad FL is home.
That's a great top - I am so tempted to buy that book - I really like the style of the top and I have a real thing about linen at the moment, not that I even have any....!

gilraen said...

Beautiful top Ruth and very well made. :)

Glad to hear he's home and asking for something he likes, even if it's not what DD would pick. :)