Thursday, August 30, 2007

A pair of Golf Stockings

Four and a half hours sitting in the outpatients clinic allowed me to finish the second Golf Stocking. So at least something worthwhile resulted from the wait!

So the stockings: Golf or Cycling Stockings from "Knitting Vintage Socks". 2 full skeins of brown St Ives, 1 full skein of the green, and not very much blue. Size 2.75mm dpns, cast on with 80 stitches, decreasing down to 68 at the ankle. This was a bit of a fiddle because the instructions didn't tell me how best to work the decreases into the ribbing without messing it up too much, and I didn't decrease as many times as the pattern suggested. One came out better than the other. I rejected the Welsh Heel and Star Toe suggested, and went for a French Heel and a Flat Toe. The leg fits me well, but also stretches to fit First Love comfortably - and he used to play football, so has a sturdy calf. If I was knitting them again, I might step up to dk wool to make them slightly bigger for a man, but he is happy with them as they are. The long ribbing section made this a mostly-mindless knit - perfect for waiting room situations. The fair-isle cuff added a bit of "bite" to the knitting, and because it is folded over, adds significant warmth. I added the stripes because I knew I didn't have enough brown in the stash, and I am really glad I did - it adds a bit of a modern twist to a sock that could so easily have been too old-man-ish.

The St Ives? Well it does the job. It is cheap, very strong (no hand-breaking possible, I had to use scissors) and the colours are heathered classic man-friendly shades. A bit hairy which made me think it might scratch, but once knitted up it seems soft enough. Yes, I will use it again (just as well because I bought ten balls of it, so there's plenty left for more!) But probably not in this pattern - I might go for the Lozenge pattern (also in Knitting Vintage Socks) for the next pair.

But first – a burst of colour!


RooKnits said...

I love the stockings - they look amazing. Looking forward to seeing the colour.... I've got something a little colourful to send to you (when I finally get my bum in gear).

theproofreader said...

It really is frustrating when the so-called professionals can't answer your would think it would be their job to know something!!!!!
Waiting rooms are a necessary evil..thank goodness you brought your knitting.
Your sox are beautiful. You know, I wouldn't have given this pattern a second thought...but on seeing yours..well????