Sunday, August 19, 2007

Reading and some sewing

No knitting to show. It was a frustrating week off work, craft-wise. Kids to be taken places, First Love to be taken places, dog to be walked. Somehow the days were swallowed up with little to show for them.
I did some reading: “Free Food For Millionaires” by Min Jin Lee now has a creased spine. The “Times” said it was the next Great American Novel, which I find curious. It is a pleasing-enough read with interesting details about Korean-American life, and ticks all the boxes for descriptions of clothing and hints that maybe the heroine will turn out to be a reknowned hat designer. So it keeps me reading just to satisfy myself that life is, after all, fair. Ah but maybe it will achieve Greatness by subverting these expectations. Literature? I’m not sure. Tell you when I finish it..
Also received my copy of Vogue Knitting Fall 07. I am not overwhelmed by any of the patterns. I enjoyed reading an interview (transcribed tele-conference) with old and new knit stars. Why do people knit? Process or product? Hmmm. Right now I need the process to keep me sane, but I like to get through the products too…
However, I made a skirt. I used the least-favourite metre from my 7 metre pack of tweeds. It is mustardy with a light windowpane check of purple and claret. (So the kids hate it.) But the pattern (Japanese) is a huge success: slightly a-line to the knee, then a crazy flirty mini-flounce cut on the bias, so it flares out and bounces when I walk. And I am delighted to say that it fits - I had this suspicion that a Japanese skirt pattern would have a tiny waist, but all is well - hooray! But I am stalled for lack of a zip and lining material. This will entail a trip into the city. The joy of living in the middle of fields! So pictures will follow after I attend a work meeting in town in two weeks’ time!
Back to work in the morning. Broadband access – hooray! I have been missing my daily blog-reads!


theproofreader said...

Aaah, knitting...soothes the soul.

cindy said...

I agree with you about the Vogue....BTW...when you get a chance check out my blog. I started a sock with the sock yarn you sent me for the tea swap a couple of years ago. I love the colors!!!