Thursday, August 09, 2007

Scottish Things

My Yarn Yard sale bargain sock wool has arrived! And I have to say I am impressed by the softness of the yarn – not at all “hairy” as is so often the case with wool / nylon mixes (like St Ives) and it has a nice firm spin. The colour is delicious – it is “trente et un” from the Tour de France range and goes from a thistle-ish purple through to cerise, with plenty of variations on the way. This is earmarked for Marina Piccola socks for a Christmas gift.

And here is the latest picture of the Golf Stockings. 20 or so rows to go before I reach the heel flap. First Love has been showing them off to his visitors. I do fear he is going to resurrect his “hunting shooting fishing” tweed plus-fours from the depths of the old-clothes trunk so he can show these off in style!

Lots of improvement in First Love’s energy levels this week. He managed to walk the dog yesterday without needing a walking stick. He has been joining us for family meals again, after more than two months of odd food cravings and tiny portions. Chemo and radiotherapy again tomorrow.


Hanne said...

The softness is reason why I like Yarn Yard yarns. Opal feels a lot rougher although they have excatily the same combination of wool and nylon.
100% wool is lovely, but after my youngest bit a hole into my cashmere/merino socks, I've started to value a bit stronger yarns.

Midsummer night's knitter said...

Great news about FL

silfert said...

Hugs and prayers for the chemo patient.
You do nice work! :)