Monday, August 13, 2007

Some finishing

I have finally finished a few felt flower brooches for my friend’s craft stall later this year. They sat around unfelted and limp for a while. Then they sat around unbeaded and sad. Now they are making me smile, with seed beeds and shiksa mirrors – much better! I need to crack on and make some more, now that the design has come together.

See my Moo Cards in the photo? Tee hee hee! SO cute! They will be my mini-business cards for the craft stall.

My replacement dpns have arrived, so Clessidra can progress.

But meanwhile I have finished the first Golf Stocking, so maybe I should concentrate on the second sock to cheer up First Love. I knitted the foot in stripes because I didn't have enough of the plain brownish green... and also for a bit of fun. He came out of the radiotherapy room and saw what I had done and laughed more than he has done for a long time.

Chemo made him sick again this week, despite stronger anti-sickness drugs. He has stopped taking the bone-rebuilding drug altogether because it made him feel so nauseous, so we had hoped that this weekend might not be so bad. Wrong. It is so ironic that the things that will make him better in the long run make him feel so much worse now. So he gets really depressed and says things like “I would rather be dead than dying”. To which I can only reply “And I would rather you were well.”


RooKnits said...

The sock is ace! I love the stripy foot (but then I would wouldn't I?)
Sending lots of getting better vibes your way, Chemo is a horrid thing.

Gabrielle said...

R - I echo your sentiment - it was the same with my mother: it's hard to watch someone you love made so terribly ill by the very treatment that is supposed to make them better (longer term). Please tell FL it's worth fighting through and out to the other end of the treatment. My mother is still here and without having undergone treatment - I am not sure that she would be. Judging by the things that she is doing now, I am guessing that she's pleased she stuck with it to the end.

Penny said...