Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Waiting for the Postman

Toes out for the first time this year!

There has been a series of postal strikes in these parts. So none of my recent orders have made it to my door yet. Which has led to selective memory loss… and more orders. Oops!

If they all come at once, it will be very exciting… and incriminating! As well as all the woolliness I mentioned before, I added a skein of glorious handspun to my Pigeonroofstudios order. It is in my most-favourite colour, and one that I have strangely never knit with: deep dark mysterious glowing purple…mmmm! I am thinking of a scarf to wear at my freezing desk at work on those days when they have neglected to switch on the heating (almost every Monday in winter last year!). I might even combine it with the green handspun from Rebecca for the ubiquitous Chevron Scarf…ooooh!

Talking of heating – fabulous news! First Love is eligible for free installation of central heating! If you had seen me lying on my stomach trying to bale out the flooded fireplace with a ladle and a bucket a few weeks ago, you would understand just how incredibly exciting this is! No more wet sacks of coal to heave indoors, leaving sooty puddles on the floor! No more thick sooty dust over every surface in the house! No more overflowing ash cans to empty in the mornings – wow! It might take a couple of months, but hopefully it will be in before winter – woo hoo!

Where was I? Of yes…and of course I pre-ordered the new Annie Modesitt book “Romantic Hand-Knits” – published yesterday! I can’t wait for this one!

I received an email from Woolgirl with details of the sock club, and they certainly know how to whip up excitement! There are going to be contests and treats and fun things – I am really looking forward to this!

The only thing that HAS arrived is a package of tweed from a woollen mill in Yorkshire. There are seven one-metre lengths of assorted fabrics – except at least two of them actually measure 1.1 metres – bargain! I am planning a collection of funky autumnal skirts using Japanese patterns. Flippy backs, appliqué, maybe a splash of embroidery… watch this space!

Seen the new Interweave preview? Here we go again. Another “must-have” knitting magazine which will languish in a box under the bed! I really fancy the Minimalist cardigan – simple but lovely (if I can find a good yarn substitution). And the Composed Mitts. And the Snowflake socks. And the Mirepoix Bodice. And the Sweetheart Vest. Horror! I just realised I am being drawn yet again to fair-isle!

First Love’s Golf Stockings are going well. I am bashing down the leg towards the ankle at an amazing rate in k3 p1 rib, pausing only for the occasional shaping decrease. Not as many decreases as the pattern suggests. It was written for a girlish leg, not an ex-footballer’s leg! I have pulled on the brakes at 70 stitches on size 2.75mm dpns – and they seem to fit – phew! Pictures will follow!

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Archiknist said...

Hey, I signed up for the Woolgirl club too, after I saw it here. She'd closed the sign-ups already, but let me in anyway, which was very nice. I can't wait either.