Friday, September 28, 2007

Almost October

I am really cold. I just ordered 4 thermal vests and a pair of flannelette pjs by way of long-term investment in living in this draughty Scottish farmhouse. My superstitious self is hoping that this will somehow accelerate the processing of our central heating application! First Love is spending his sleepless nights in the front room with the electric fire on full blast, crouched over the table wearing a hat, coat and quilt... leaving me shivering in bed alone. I have not slept alone for 26 years - blimey! 26 years!?! So I decided to be proactive instead of just complaining.
Which led me to thinking about warm clothes in general, and the absence of hand-knitted jumpers in my wardrobe - how can this be?! So the prevarication project known as Notorious has been swept aside until the sun shines again. This woman needs a woolly jumper!
While I was studying for my Finals at University (and was single and cold) I knitted a gorgeous jumper. It was pine green wool, mostly in a sort of double moss stitch,with a panel of twisted rib down the front and raglan sleeves. The jumper itself and the pattern are long-lost (3 Suisses Junior, I recall) so I am thinking I will try to recreate this old favourite as a design exercise, using my new Denise circular needles.
Off to order some chunky wool - watch this space!

P.S. Remember I broke the points off my new Daisy dpns? Well, I emailed Gill at the Woolly Workshop and she sent me another set, free of charge, and they arrived the following day! How is that for fantastic customer service?!

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Robynn said...

Isn't it funny - I also suffer a terrible dearth of handknits in my wardrobe. It's not as if I knit all that much for other people (I'm selfish, me), and I am far more likely to make a jersey than anything else, so why such a lack? I can't explain it. But must fix. Definitely.