Monday, September 17, 2007

June Bride's second cousin

Finshed the June Bride mittens, as per instructions. They are lovely!

I emailed Annie Modesitt about the discrepancy between the photo and the charted pattern ... and she emailed back! And the upshot is that the mitts in the photo are not the ones in the pattern: there was a bit of a mix-up and the publisher decided to go to print with the wrong photo. How frustrating that must have been! Crikey - the perils of international knitting design stardom! Seems like a really odd decision to me.

But anyway... I like the pattern as it appears in the book and that is what I knitted. The geraniums photo is the best picture of the colour. The close-up caused the flash to go off and drowned the black. But you can see the lacey back better.

Very quick to knit - I started a second pair yesterday in cream cashmere sock yarn - mmmm!

The first pair was intended for my daughter, but she came across me knitting them and was so disinterested in the yarn that I am thinking these might go to the teenaged cousin for Christmas after all.


Hanne said...

You made me to order the book when I saw the mittens. I wasn't sure I needed it, but now I am.

Gabrielle said...

They look great - and just how nuts is it that the publisher put the wrong image in the book? Just think of all the hours that Anne must have spent on her designs, the book and then...all those knitters across the world casting on and thinking ???!

Knittings Nice! said...

Oh those look gorgeous and doing luxury cashmere as well next time....mmmm! lovely and soft.. Mind you with the weather turning now think they will be very useful.