Friday, September 14, 2007

Mystery mitt

Have you ever tried to wind a ball of wool while sitting in a car? Can I just remind you that it is a really really bad idea to use the steering wheel and/or gear stick to hold the skein? Just saying…

Try explaining that one to the AA.

Luckily, I managed to free the trapped strands on my own. Eventually.

No, of course I wasn’t moving at the time. I blame the Girl Guides myself. If only I didn’t have to spend so long in a car park waiting for them to finish learning how to eat chocolate this would never have happened.

Anyway, wool extracted and wound, I cast on for the June Bride fingerless mitts from “Romantic Hand Knits”. This was a bit of a risk. The yarn (Dyeabolical Yarns Alter Ego superwash merino sock from Etsy, colourway Scratch Art) was calling out for me to do something a bit emo / goth / sk8er girl for my daughter. But the pattern called for two strands pulled from a five-strand cashmere yarn – err right! So I cast on using the 3.75mm needles suggested, just for fun,“got gauge”, shrugged and kept on knitting.

And it is such FUN! I was thrown by the instruction to garter stitch 4 rows before joining the knitting into a round… then I realised this achieved a ruffle cuff with a little notch in it – pretty! I struggled a bit at first with the language of this pattern. Ever done a “vertical double decrease”? You probably have and didn’t realise it. Luckily there is a glossary at the back of the book. I annotated the lace chart and all was well.

It looks NOTHING like the picture in the book. But the photo in the book looks nothing like the chart, however hard I peer at it. Is this actually the same pair of mitts?! Today I emailed Annie Modesitt, the designer, because the chart clearly shows yo's and yet the photo shows a plain-backed mitt! It is really exciting to be knitting a mystery mitten!

But I really like what I see so far. There is a ruffled cuff, ribbing at the wrist to pull it in, then a lace back. The yarn I am using is coming up with a spiralling stripe, which was not at all what I expected. I thought it would have small splotches of colour here and there through fairly solid black. But this is much more exciting! There is a strong diagonal swathe of colour with an arrowhead of lace holes shooting through it - I like it a lot! I will take a photo at the weekend, when I finish them.

I am knitting the smallest size, so I will be interested to see what happens when I knit my next pair, the next size up, for me. Because I certainly will!

The needles are my Daisy dpns. They have added to the fun. They are made of “ABS coloured resin”. You might call them plastic. But they are kind of soft and warm to the touch. I don’t spike my finger on the point when I push against it. They have flexibility but don’t feel like they are about snap. They are PURPLE! If this is what Denise interchangeables are like, my circular decision is made!

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Hanne said...

That sounds a lot like Denises :)