Monday, September 03, 2007


Is it just me, or do you start to think / panic about seasonal gifts around about now? How many rash promises have I made about hand-knitted socks?
I need a plan. Not just half-formed thoughts.

Finish ten crocheted felted beaded flower brooches for craft stall
Marina Piccola socks for friend (Yarn Yard trente-et-un)
Finish first Clessidra sock (and start the second?) – these are for me, so low priority
More crochet felted flowers – as many as possible

Scratch Art superwash merino socks for my son (hmmm wouldn’t it be more sensible to use a wool / nylon mix in similar colours like Wicked from the Yarn Yard?) Pattern? Something textured but simple.

Chevron mitts for teenaged girl (from stash?)

Socks for my daughter – what yarn? She likes Fyberspates in Seascape from the stash. But if I was buying from the Yarn Yard anyway I could get her Purple Goth… What pattern?

Four pairs of step-grandchildren’s socks…. What size are they? How old are they now? Would any of them appreciate handknitted socks anyway? Who am I trying to impress?! Scrub this plan altogether. Make one pair of socks for First Love’s daughter and leave it at that. Fleece Artist Cosmic Dawn – Pomatomus.


Realise I still need to make Christmas socks for First Love… Austermann Step, Boyfriend Socks.
It is Christmas already! I haven’t even thought about my mother! Gulp.

And when will I find time to knit Notorious?!

Thanks for all the circular advice. I am still thinking. Part of me is going for the cheap and cheerful with maximum flexibility (Denise) and the other part of me thinks I should seek to enjoy knitting big things as much as small... so I should get the best quality, slinky wooden needles. But there is a lot of support for Addis. Thing is, I respect the opinion of all the knitters who have commented, and everyone has had a slightly different opinion. This will be my first foray into circular knitting and Notorious requires 3 different sizes of needle. That in itself makes me lean towards Denise: if I survive this first project, maybe I will buy lovely wooden "singles". Thinking...

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Hanne said...

You can always buy Knitpicks Options from Get Knitted if you prefer metal needles. But if you want to start knitting Notorius straight away, Options might not be best choice - I've understood they're very popular and first shipment has just arrived.