Monday, September 10, 2007


That's what I needed: SMART targets!

So this weekend there were achievements: I finished my flippy skirt. It is distinctly mustard, but is a lovely shape and the claret ric rac gave it a style boost which incidentally tones in beautifully with my NEW SHOES! See see see! Beautiful metallic patent wedges from TopShop - I am a fashionista after all! And they are super-comfortable too! (We won't talk about the hobble from the furthest reaches of the car park over the cobblestones into work today, oh no, that would be silly!)

This doesn't mean I have stopped looking for funky flats to wear with handknit socks - Bryony and Ysolda have both been showing off their lovely sock-friendly shoes recently and I am on the case!

Because I also finished my first Clessidra!

I am VERY pleased with this sock! The colour (Veilchen) is so hard to photograph - it is richer and more Dairy-Milk-wrapper-like than these photos suggest. The Wollmeise superwash sock wool is excellent for a detailed stitch pattern like this. Another blogger recently described it as being a lot like Lorna's Laces and I know what she means, something to do with the distinctly matt appearance and the way it takes the dye - so totally saturated with colour.

I made the leg slightly shorter than written, and this made the double cable at the ankle look a bit less elegant than the original - it could have done with being another inch or so longer. But I don't like socks which end in my knee-crease when I am sitting down, so this is a more practical length for me. I am not planning to knit sock 2 straightaway, but I will definitely get back to it before winter.


lacewing said...

WOW! Beautiful work. I am inspired.

Bryony Ramsden said...

Lovely lovely Clessidra! And, you bag, FABBY ACE shoes. I may have to go shopping tomorrow lunchtime ;) But I need a new bag for work too... Oh well!