Monday, October 29, 2007

And some knitting

As well as the intense stuff, there was a lot of relaxation. FL had a long long sleep on Thursday, and I made a start on my Pine Cones jumper. This rubbishy photo shows the beginnings and also shows the view from the cottage window. I have knit up the first 100g and it is looking good!

It is quite harsh wool while knitting (Shetland 3 ply chunky) yet a fairly soft fabric. Great as a top layer in the Highlands!

In between times, I also made another pair of June Brides in HipKnits organic handspun merino. This was like knitting with cotton wool in comparison to the shetland chunky - really really soft! This is the best pair of June Brides to date.

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Hanne said...

I think I like the June Brides even more every time I see them. Only thing that holds me back is that I have only multicolored yarn for them and I think the pattern looks so much better in solid.