Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Brown eyes blue

In the search for cheap p and p on the new Interweave Holiday Gifts I found myself at K1 Yarns website, and had a bit of a browse. I spotted some hat kits which sounded intriguing but had no photos of the finished item, so I Googled "Old Maiden Aunt", the designer.

WELL! I have discovered a new (to me) UK-based yarn dyer / spinner! Tigerlilith aka Old Maiden Aunt sells sock yarn / laceweight / handspun / hat kits through K1 Yarns but also directly via her own blog. Have a look!

I love the handspun "Old Penny" but cannot justify shawl-money right now.

But there was no avoiding the "monster" page of experimental yarns where a skein of sock yarn screamed at me. "Brown eyes blue" is destined to be First Love's Christmas socks.

Health update: FL's energy levels continue to rise. No doubt this week's steroids are contributing, but he has been "buzzing". Today he is taking the kids to the cinema and then we are meeting up for a meal at a favourite inn. Our first meal out since he fell ill! So it is a belated celebration of the June birthdays and also of his return to having a life outside the sick room, slowly but surely. Back to the hospital next Tuesday when hopefully science will back up our hopes of improvement in his condition.


ambermoggie said...

Great news about FL:)) enjoy the meal
I love oldmaiden aunts stuff also:)
Did you order the interweave?

Bryony Ramsden said...

Oooo excellent, excellent stuff :D Good to know he is lively again :D

And thanks for some more enabling - those yarns are beautiful...

Midsummer night's knitter said...

Glad that FL is feeling better - hope everyone has a good time at the movies.

Knittings Nice! said...

Thanks for the links, great stuff. Glad Fl levels continue to rise.

motopacsman said...

Good to hear that FL is doing better. Hopefully the remedy I suggested did no harm.

The steroids are a minor blessing. They make one feel better until they make you feel worse.