Monday, October 08, 2007

Elf and fitness

Yesterday I finally came out from under my blanket - and about time too! I didn't have the concentration for fancy knitting while I was ill, so churned out three Elf hats from "Handknit Holidays". I was astonished that my son pronounced them "way cool" and has not taken his off since!

Two hours of lazy knitting, using two strands of yarn and my Denise circulars (woo hoo!). The purple one is one strand of handspun from Pigeonroof Studios and one strand of Debbie Bliss Maya (aka Soho aka Manos del Uruguay) - this one is the softest and the best fit for an average adult head... so I made two of them the same!

The red and green one is one strand of Rowan Cork and one strand of green handspun from my Sockapalooooza pal Rebecca. This was less successful in the sense that the thinner yarn kept slipping behind the red, so the inside is green and the outside red - but my son likes it this way. It is HUGE! I knitted the large size for his dreadlocks, but it makes his head look like a pumpkin. Lucky it isn't orange! A big hit at the skatepark - I am slightly worried he will try and wear it at school and end up in trouble.

And I finished Chevron. It could probably have been another foot longer, but I was getting bored so I stopped. It could do with blocking - it rolls a lot due to the wavy stitch pattern.

Wound my Woolgirl yarn!

First Love is a bit better, now on second type of antibiotics and symptoms are improved but he is very depressed. Not even a house full of elves can cheer him up!


cindy said...

Love the elves and the chevron scarf, which is on my list.

Tell First love that someone out in cyberspace hope he gets well soon.

RooKnits said...

Love the hats, and the scarf. Glad you are better, hope the elves manage to cheer up FL too.
P.s. A "thank you for my socks" parcel will be on its way to you once the strike is over :0)