Thursday, October 11, 2007

Marina in a pickle-a

So - Marina Piccola. Lovely pattern. Lovely.
But guess who didn't realise there were at least three ways to increase a stitch and NONE of them involve a yarnover?
I started this project in the Waiting Room on Tuesday. I failed to get gauge with the needles I had taken with me, so was forced to read OK and Hello instead. Grrr.
On Tuesday evening, while my daughter was being a Guide, I sat down again with an assortment of needles and finally achieved a sock-like structure. 52 stitches on 2.75mm needles. Yummy yummy yarn - my favourite "boots through freshly-fallen snow" feeling as I knit - hooray!
But who knew there were so many different ways to make a stitch? Not me, that's for sure. So although I have achieved a lovely patterned sock, it sure as L is NOT a Marina Piccola!
Sigh. To frog or not to frog?
I emailed Kate Gilbert, the designer, and she sent me to her website for a lesson in "Make one, left-slanted" and "Make one, right slanted" - wow! I have a new skill!
So last night I ripped back 28 rows and knitted 20. Much better! Photo tomorrow!

FL is feeling much perkier - the antibiotics seem to be working at last. A proper night's sleep was had by all - hooray!

  • Liking the short row rainbow stripe socks at MagKnits!
  • Liking the preview of Interweave Holiday Gifts!
  • Buying a fab new Japanese pattern book with 70's over-dresses - I lurved them then and I lurve them still!

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Midsummer night's knitter said...

such a simple, yet often dear-achieved - the bliss of a good night's sleep.

I am tempted to try a Japanese pattern book - how to the actual patterns come?