Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My Brown Eyes Blue yarn arrived and is a bit too soft for man-socks I think. It is a two-ply yarn which breaks REALLY easily and is quite thick. I am thinking of making a hat for FL instead of socks. He actually wants an old-style “bonnet” like the ones in the knitting history article in IK Holiday Gifts but I think that would be too eccentric, I really do. The brown is a kind of baby-poo colour, but it‘s a good strong blue. Hmmm. Thinking.

My new Japanese pattern books arrived too, and I am planning an over-dress. The Cozy Homewear pattern book is slightly less forgiving than previous ones I have bought and doesn’t give the whole pattern to trace. Instead I have to trace the basic bodice piece and then measure out the sleeve and skirt pieces beyond it. Not hard, but requiring more concentration and a long ruler. I am thinking of black watch tartan. Another skirt first though!

The other book is a bag-making book. Loads of text in this one Рall in Japanese of course! The instruction diagrams are less clear than usual Рit looks a lot like origami in places! I am planning to use this book for embroidery and appliqu̩ inspiration rather than to make the bags themselves.

Knitting continues: the Pine Cone jumper progresses but is incredibly hard to photograph. The fabric is deep and rich and I love the colour-exactly the foresty green I wanted. I am just working out how best to shape the waist area, as I want this to be quite a shapely item.

Hanne asked if I was planning to knit something for my wedding. Not at the moment, no. I might wear my Cinderella stockings – I have been saving them for a special occasion! Clearly I should sew something to wear… especially as FL is buying me a new sewing machine for my birthday / Christmas / wedding present! My old machine was second-hand twenty years ago and is a bit temperamental – it loses tension at the most inopportune moments and I have given up replacing the lightbulbs as they pop so often.

Thanks to everyone who sent congratulations! It is lovely to feel able to plan a future together.


Knittings Nice! said...

Just read last couple of posts, made my heart smile........

Bryony Ramsden said...

Ahhh Roo! You are fab and lovely and full of yarny goodness.

Well done again on the engagement (about time really ;D), and for the lovely photos. And the moving tales. You deserve every bit of happiness.