Monday, October 01, 2007


Proof that Hero is a big soft mutt!

The Chevron Scarf continues – maybe another foot of knitting to go – this is a great project for waiting rooms, car parks and trampoline supervision, as very little concentration is required. Having said that, I dropped a stitch and then started doing compensatory decreases to make the pattern “work” – grrr! Only noticed after a couple of inches. All is now repaired.

I had a weekend of manic window-cleaning and a trip to the local organic box scheme farm to see how they do it. Came away feeling much better about my own gardening efforts – even “proper” farmers have crop failures! Lots of fantastic driving practice trying to park my little car among the 4x4’s up a muddy track. I ended up reversing downhill and round a corner into the packing shed, narrowly avoiding a flock of toddling 2-year-old’s collecting eggs from the free range chickens – eek!

A recent comment on the blog (about waiting room knitting) reminded me of an encounter at the hospital last week. I was in the waiting room with Chevron, bashing away in the corner while FL was having intravenous bone-strengthening (yes really!). The place was packed as usual (a sobering thought) and I spotted an old lady watching me intently. She turned to her (?) daughter and said “I never could do the purling, only the knit. But Jessie, now Jessie could knit as well as spin. One evening we were in the bothy [small outhouse on a Scottish farm, used to house migrant labourers in the old days – and probably still] and Jimmy was playing the fiddle and singing, and Jessie was sitting there with her wheel, spinning away, when all of a sudden Jimmy lets out this ROAR! [and she did a huge roar, there in the waiting room!] And he shouted: ‘Woman! Will ye stop that clacking! I cannay play withoot following yer rhythm!’”

Wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing? A band with a spinning wheel as percussion?!


ambermoggie said...

love the scarf:)

Bryony Ramsden said...

Sounds blissfull to me (the band/spinning thing, not the hospital waiting room). I bet you could teach that lady to purl...