Sunday, November 11, 2007

First snow!

It snowed on Thursday - eek! And today we were walking the dog and cat and got caught in a hailstorm. Yes, the cat comes on walks too! I tried to put him under my coat and run for shelter but he was having none of it. Both pets are now snuggled up by the radiator. Still no sign of our central heating and we have the builder in, so it is a bit draughty round these parts! There is now no ceiling in the bathroom, plaster dust everywhere, and a raging wind coming in the back door. The utility room has been demolished, so the back door is now all that is between us and the North wind. Lovely. But hopefully by the time the builder finishes, we will be weather-proof and vermin-proof. No more tap-dancing mice in the roof space above my bed at night! I need to pester the central heating people though!

Spent Saturday handwriting descriptions on my Moo cards for the craft stall brooches. Sadly, the gel pen ink refused to dry on the plastic-coated surface - always check before you do a whole batch! So now I have to start again. Mutter mutter mutter.

Knitting my son's socks today, and cooking delicious things from the Claire Macdonald Cookbook, from the library yesterday. She is the clan chief's wife, and they have an expensive restaurant on Skye, way out of our budget. But the library book is going to keep us full of winter warmers for a month or so!


Knittings Nice! said...

So happy to read keeping so busy

Anonymous said...

Hi! I have just discovered ,your wonderful blog after admiring your Cinderella socks on Purlescence site - I too live in Scotland - i moved here 5 years ago to be with the man i love! Unfortunately luck hasn't been on my side healthwise for about the last 2 - like FL i have spent way too much time in hospital and taking vile medication! The Husb., my wounderful son Zack and KNITTING, KNITTING, KNITTING, keep me going! It's definately turned winter now in Scotland - brrrr!!! Warmest Wishes!! Marie.