Wednesday, November 14, 2007

First Young Earl

I finished the first Earl Grey sock for my son. I managed to sneakily check the length as he was sitting on the sofa watching TV, though I accidentally touched the back of his heel with my needle and made him jump in the middle of a scary film! I have made the toe plain black because I fear I may be short of yarn. I weighed it before I started and it was exactly 100g. The leftover yarn almost balances the finished sock... but not quite. Fingers crossed! If absolutely necessary I could frog my first June Bride fingerless mitts...because I used the first part of the skein for them. But I would rather not! Impossible to photograph until the weekend (no light) and by then it may be a pair!

I also have to report a tiny stash enhancement - but all in the cause of Christmas knitting! Snagged over at Ebay - a skein of Colinette Skye Aran in Charcoal (mmm - soft! Almost purple!) and a ball of Debbie Bliss Aran Tweed. It was the Colinette I really wanted, to make my mother a fitted-style Gretel beret. The Debbie Bliss came as part of the deal - the two yarns together for less than £5! I am thinking of buying another ball of the DB in a contrasting colour to make a stripey slouchy Gretel for me.

I am finding the acceleration towards Christmas a bit alarming. I don't approve of excess (woooooooooo - hark at me!) and try really hard to make presents rather than buy, but it's tricky with two kids who have another parent elsewhere. We take it in turns to host Christmas, and it is their father's turn this year, so I began by thinking the pressure was off... but I know we will have our own celebration when they come home, and after all this is their "home". So: some books / CDs / art materials and something I have made myself. FL will get Christmas socks - even if I am still knitting them at the wedding! My mother - a handknitted hat and a calendar of family photos.

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