Tuesday, November 27, 2007

FL's Christmas socks

Last Tuesday, I started a pair of socks for FL for Christmas. I needed something easy to knit in the waiting room, and I realised too late that I had not wound my skein of Colinette Skye for the Ysolda beret, so that was off the menu.

At the top of my knitting bag was the Brown Eyes Blue yarn from Old Maiden Aunt. It was a case of “grab it and run” and I wasn’t terribly enthusiastic… until I started knitting it. Look at those stripes! This yarn was sold as a “monster from the lab” and I think the reason for this is the occasional flash of white through the blue. But it is very occasional and I think it adds to the character of this sock.

The pattern is the trusty Gentleman’s Winter Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks (Nancy Bush). And somehow the stripes make me go faster! The first sock is finished already! It is an unusual short-row heel construction - Nancy Bush calls it a Dutch Heel. It produces a 5-stitch-wide "seam" which has turned out to be brown all the way - very neat!

This has been a real lesson for me in giving the stash a chance - I wasn't initially inspired by this yarn - the brown was a bit too... pooey! But when I saw how the striping worked out - wow!

Which leads me to today's invitation!

Have you ever been tempted to join a yarn shop sock club, even though you already have a stash of beautiful yarns you don't have time to knit?

Do you love knitting socks? Trying out new yarns and patterns?

Then the Socks from Stash Club is the one for you!

Come and join us!



Happy to be on board!

Midsummer night's knitter said...

Those socks look great, Lilith has a great eye for colour. I'm giving her 800g of BFL for her to dye for me - we were sopinning together last week and I was admiring the colourway that she was spinning, wondering if I could replicate it myself when the obvious answer dawned on me...