Monday, November 05, 2007


At 5pm on Friday I had a sudden gust of inspiration, and downloaded Ysolda’s Gretel beret pattern. I had had it at the back of my mind for a long time, and was suffering from frustration that the yarn for the IK Holiday Gifts spider web beret was so obscure I could not source it anywhere (not even just to gasp at the price and move on)! So, I printed it out, drove home, put the dinner on, and wound the Hipknits organic merino aran that Kerrie so kindly gifted me.

It feels like I spent the whole weekend knitting! I had three dedicated sessions which ended at midnight - I had to give up last night , just four rows short of finishing – pah! But I couldn’t keep my eyes open for another second.

It was an absorbing knit! The yarn is buttery-soft and the colour is sort of crushed strawberries / coral pink – I highly recommend it if Kerrie has some in her shop! I am in awe of Ysolda for the care with which she worked the decrease rows into the cabling so that the cables actually carry the shaping - very clever indeed!
I made the slouchy version, and as I knitted, it was the size of a toddler's jumper, done in the round. This was a bit of a surprise as I think of hats as small, quick knits. It also took more than one 100g skein of yarn. Luckily I had two - I think I have enough left for a set of Fetching to match the hat. I had to steal my 4.5mm Denise points from my pine cones project, so it was essential not to leave this project half-done, or I would be stuck with two UFO's.

This one is a Christmas present. But I want one for me! It will be really warm and can accommodate big hair. I want a purple one!
On the left is Pine Cones in progress - a bit of sunshine makes such a difference!


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Hi - I've been reading your blog since I was directed here from Kerrie Hipknits. And I wanted to send you my congratulations on your engagement. Wishing you both all the very best...


cindy said...

I,too, want that hat pattern. I saw it in Ravelry and can't stop thinking about it.