Friday, November 02, 2007


Knitting was interrupted by the requirement to produce a scary fairy costume for my daughter’s school disco. For three weeks I have been asking what she wanted to go as, and was fobbed off with vagueness. The night before last, the night before the party, she announced that she would go as a scary fairy…. and all she had to wear was a set of wings (from our fabulous funky Aunty over at fairyfancies!) and MY Tomb Raider-style boots!

So I set to with a metre of lining material, and rustled up a lilac slip dress with fronds of black and lilac raggedyness at the bottom. Thanks to the Japanese pattern base, it has a certain pizzazz. Who knew you could put elastic into the lower spool to produce a line of stretchy gathered stitching below the chest?! I will do that again! I just had to get home in time to do the Amy Winehouse make-up / hair – only to find that we couldn't find the make-up. So she was a fairy with a bit less of the scary.

Ravelry has led me to another fab sock pattern that is calling my name – the I Love Gansey at the Six Sox Knitalong. This will absolutely definitely be what I use the Natures Palette for, Roo! And soon!

Trying NOT to sign up for the Socktopus Sock Club, though I am severely tempted. Clever to have different grades of luxuriousness – you can be a cheap skate (well, not exactly cheap…), spoil yourself a little, or spoil yourself a lot. And so near Christmas!

A quick audit reveals that I have not achieved much from the Christmas knitting list I set myself. Oops! So I really need to get back to that. The essentials are: socks for my son, fingerless mittens for my daughter (have you seen the Kyla pattern?) and socks for FL. My mother? Errr… maybe some gloves? The Gauntlets from IK Holiday Gifts? It’s not going to happen, is it? It is NOVEMBER, people!

And still the yarn calls to me! I looked through my stash on Ravelry (hooray for Ravelry!) and see I have some really lovely yarn waiting to be knitted – the Bearfoot, the Fleece Artist – the STR for goodness’ sake! And what do I do? I ogle self-striping German multi-packs at Ebay and fantasise that I could knit vanilla socks (or should that be raspberry ripple in view of the stripes?) for the whole family for Christmas – WHY?! Because it is simple, and requires no thought whatsoever – tsk!

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