Thursday, November 15, 2007

Idle chit chat

Thanks for the shoe-pointers, my fashionable friends! I browsed around and still haven't found anything quite like the ones I showed you. Did you notice the carved heel? And the velvet bow? Bryony showed me a Mary-Jane with the same heel and bow, in navy... but it has to be a little boot. So I am going with the green one for now - I can try it on at home with The Dress and then decide. I do fear I am going to look like a Pirate of the North Sea, but hopefully not too "panto", which my dear ex-sis-in-law suggested might happen with one of the boots I considered!

Marie-no-blog suggested I look at Di Gilpin's Venus shrug for wedding wear... but I can't find a picture or mention of it anywhere. Any clues? This is purely out of curiosity, as my mother is already knitting me a scarfy-shawl-thing, at my request. We are visiting her this weekend so I might be able to show you progress!

My Vogue Knitting Holiday edition arrived... and I am underwhelmed. Nothing at all I want to knit. I am going to let the subscription lapse and spend my pennies on "must haves" instead! Like "Norah Gaughan Vol.1" from Berrocco. I succumbed to Ebay dot Com for this one.

I know that my second Woolgirl sock club package is on its way and I am very excited!

The house is almost completely repaired. Lots of new plaster and guttering and repointing. But I heard the mice last night... which might mean they have been sealed in to the roof space. Gulp.

FL is doing really really well, touch wood. Back to the hospital on Tuesday. Hoping this will be the one where they take him off the chemo regime.



Hi! The Venus shrug appeared in the October/November 2004 edition of Knitting Magazine as a pattern and is a stock design of Di's. You will SWOON when you see it! The sleeves lace together - yep, no sewing involved!!! Hope you find it! Marie

motopacsman said...

Glad to hear FL is doing well. I hope they put him on a regimen that will keep him perky.

Penny said...

I've got that copy of Knitting somewhere, and it is gorgeous. If you want, I can send it to you.

Bryony Ramsden said...

You ordered Norah Gaughan? You bugger ;D

Poshyarns said...

I love that Norah Gaughan, was googling it just yesterday after seeing the advert in Interweave, hope you will give us a review when it arrives.