Monday, November 19, 2007

A pair of Arty Earls

Almost finished my son's Christmas socks. This is the first one - the second one is the same! He has no idea they are for him, and sat next to me as I knitted them - too hee hee! I would never get away with this with my daughter!

It is the Earl Grey pattern by the Yarn Harlot. But I could not get the cable to look like the pattern. I don't know whether this is a mistake in the way it is written or just in my execution. But luckily the "mistake" doesn't show in this dark colourway.

The yarn is Alter Ego superwash merino from Dyeabolical Yarns, in "Scratch Art". This is the same skein of yarn that I used for my first June Bride mitts! Talk about yardage! It was touch and go, but I had enough for both projects, by substituting plain black Regia for the toes. The yarn is a two-ply, which is not my usual preference, but I have to say this knits to a fantastically smooth, even fabric in stocking stitch. If I wasn't being strict with myself, I would be snapping up some more - have you seen her Dark Knight colourway ?!

Next on the needles was to be a fitted-style Gretel beret for my mother's Christmas: Colinette Skye in charcoal. I need 155m and the ball band says 150! But we visited her on Saturday (3 hour drive each way, which FL insisted on doing himself and now he is exhausted - naughty!) and she was making very disparaging remarks about my purple crochet beret (never seen on the blog) so now I am discouraged. She seems to think there is something odd about hand-made berets. Despite her collection of kangol felt-type berets! Confusing. So I am thinking of making this for myself after all, with a striped rib section, using leftover Hipknits aran in that coral colourway I used for the first Gretel, and a smattering of the turquoise Debbie Bliss. A nicely portable project for another hospital appointment tomorrow - I can't believe another month has gone by!

My mother is making good progress on her wedding-knitting. It is the Lead or Follow scarf in Perchance to Knit "Midnight's Rainbow / Harlot's Peacock". Errr... yes, I admit it, this is the project I could not seem to get a hang of! My mother is persevering, but only because she feels it is her contribution to my wedding! There is a ssk which includes a yo, and if you drop it....aaargh!..... you get the picture! The yarn has a slight fluffiness so it is hard to undo mistakes. And her hands are turning purple. But it is going to be beautiful! See the rainbows?

And finally... let me present my new look!

Old glasses

New glasses


Hanne said...

I had the same problem (hands turning purple) with my Scheherazade yarn. The dark handdyed colors run easily and I think your mother should try to set the dye before she blocks the shawl - otherwise she will end up with stained blocking surface and we don't want to see your wedding dress turning purple with slightest touch of wet!

After your mother has finished the shawl, she needs to soak it in warm water with 20ml white wine vinegar to 1 litre water. Leave it overnight. Then soak it again, this time with a handful of washing detergent, in cool water. Rinse it, the water should be now completely clear. Then block the shawl.

I got this tip from Posh Yarn's Dee and it worked miracles with my Schehrazade.

ambermoggie said...

lovely socks and shawl. I can't wait to see it finished Ruth. I'd make the beret for you, you will appreciate it far more I'm sure:))
Hope the hospital goes well