Thursday, November 08, 2007


My head is full of wedding preparations. We are doing it very very quietly. Just FL and me on the Isle of Skye with friends of the Registrar as witnesses, in exchange for a box of chocolates / bottle of wine! I have invited my mother to knit me a "not-a-veil", and sent her the yarn and pattern. The Dress arrived today, received by FL who was astonished and delighted to see where the package was from - woo hoo! Today I also managed to find somewhere for us to stay on Skye - who knew it would be so difficult? Apparently half the island is shut between October and April and the other half wants to hike up their rents for the "Christmas / Hogmanay in Scotland" trade, so wouldn't consider less than a week's rental - pah! But I have found somewhere with a fabulous view within walking distance of the wedding venue - woo hoo!

I had an extremely close shave with the Socktopus sock club - so close that Alice put a special "For Ruth" button up on the website to allow me to join after the closing date... but I managed to rein myself in (and apologise for wasting her time!) It was the news that she was going to stock Duets yarn that threw me over the edge - wow! But this is not the time to spend £90 on sock yarn, with a wedding and Christmas on the horizon!

I also have deep lust for the Raven collection over at Blue Moon. Rook-y and Thraven are probably my ideal yarn colours in the entire universe, ever! Part of me wants to fill cupboards with the stuff and knit myself an all-in-one catsuit, a dress, a cape, hats, stockings - a whole wardrobe! But just putting two skeins into my basket provoked a $24 shipping charge, and I am sorry but that is completely out of order! Cancel. Sulk. Not for me. Not this year anyway.

And I am knitting! There was a mishap with the Pine Cone sweater, where I failed to tick off my rows as I knitted and repeated the shaping, hence creating a wasp waist of laughable proportions. Rip rip rip.

Now working on a pair of socks for my son's Christmas. The Earl Grey pattern in an inappropriate yarn - the stitch pattern just gets lost in the darkness of my Alter Ego Scratch Art wool. I knew this before I started, but I have this hope that it will intrigue him to actually look at the work involved and feel the texture with his finger. He wants to "do" Art so this was the right yarn, even if it seems wrong. That's my story anyway!


Midsummer night's knitter said...

'S e eilean breagha a th'ann - sorry couldn't resist a bit of Gaelci (now that I am having to take the Gaelic head off and replace it with German).
Hope all the preparations go smoothly,
best wishes to you both,

RooKnits said...

The wedding plans sound very exciting! I am glad I didn't see the "for Ruth" button on the Socktopus site :0) I resisted too.
I had to club together with someone from my local knitting group for my last STR order... maybe we can do something like that if you change your mind. I'm sure we could find some other people to share postage.

motopacsman said...

Congratulations on moving forward with the wedding plans!