Friday, November 30, 2007

Seen in the press

I was looking through the "ethical gift" pages of the Guardian last night and came across a handknitted scarf with mittens on the end. I read on:

"Each piece is hand-crafted from knitting to finishing, using British knitters and the finest lambs-wool from Scotland (the company is committed to supporting British industry and small businesses where possible). This process takes about a month from beginning to end per garment, which results in only a limited number of each style ever being produced."

A month?! Maybe this blurb is designed to support the £118 price-tag. Maybe it includes shearing the sheep? I would be interested to know what they pay their knitters.

"[this company]...fulfils the desire for the special, reflecting the current cultural shift towards life quality and the value of the individual, over global branding and commerce."

So why not make your own? Instead of paying £118 for a scarf!

In the same newspaper, this Saturday's edition is advertised as having a "Hand-made Christmas" supplement, and the advert is illustrated with a photo of a very-badly stranded-knitted Christmas stocking in the round...on two needles! I am not sure whether they are intending to say "This is a hideous mess, make something much better by buying our newspaper", or if they seriously don't realise what a bad impression it gives of handknitting!


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