Monday, November 12, 2007


Ok all you style gurus out there - I need your help!
I haven't shown you The Dress but I need your help to find the right footwear to go with it!

What I am looking for is a pair of shoe / boots - you know, the terribly fashionable style that is "in" this year and yet mysteriously absent from almost every website I have visited. What is wrong with you, TopShop?!

I have found a pair that I really love - but they are the wrong colour. See?
Has anyone seen anything like this in purple or dark blue or black? And yes, I have checked the manufacturer's site and they don't make them in any of those colours!
I need some height, so platforms are a good thing, but I cannot balance on spikey heels - I have small feet and I just fall over!


Anonymous said...

Hi! I believe the fashion press are calling the kind of footwear you seek 'shoots', maybe try looking on the 'Office' web site!! Also got to thinking that you would LOVE the Venus shrug designed by Di Gilpin - it would be heavenly over your dress to keep out any chills! Let me know what you think!! Marie.

Bryony Ramsden said...

Have you tried on the Schuh store on ebay?

They have some end of line stuff and things like that on there, plus the normal Schuh website obviously too ;)

And I second Office. And also try Shelleys - they have some ribbon tie high heels that aren't shoe boots but are close enough to that picture you have up, and they have them in blue! look here:

After all that, if they don't have just what you want but you can find the right colour, buy some lace ups and make your own ribbon/velvet laces for them :) And what about Ted Baker or FCUK? Ooo! And Jones the Bootmaker!

Gabrielle said...

R - Asos - shoes, boots, ridiculous shoes, expensive shoes, cheap shoes - lots of shoes. Plus check their clearance too. usually some good deals.

So excited for you!