Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Tilda and Toast

Every year about this time there is a Sunday supplement article (or two) on the latest Toast collection, with lots of “lifestyle” pics of country farmhouses and windswept moors. Co-incidentally, there also seems to be seasonal trend to interview Tilda Swinton, and picture her in equally wild landscapes – once, she was wearing the latest Toast collection! So Tilda and Toast are inextricably linked in my autumnal “wardrobe view” of the world.

While in Beauly I was flicking through said Toast catalogue, full of wist. And it dawned on me that I wasn’t far from Tilda-country – she lives near Inverness, but not on the Beauly side. So when my eye fell upon a blue velvet dress in the catalogue, I thought – that’s it, my wedding dress! Because I somehow felt that a Toast dress would fit my mythical romantic country lifestyle. I would be translucent and graceful, like Tilda! Sadly, however, they had sold out of my usual size, and when the smaller size arrived, I felt like a Stepford wife at a cocktail party – it was too short, had no drape, and did nothing for me. Back in the post to Toast! But it inspired me to find The Dress! Oh my The Dress!!!!! I can’t wait to show you – but I am sorry , not yet!

Meantime, I finished Gretel and attempted a self-portrait. And Tilda is once more brought to mind. The Tilda of Young Adam. Tired, washed out, a bit too thin, grabbing onto hope with a fierce passion wherever she can find it.

Notes to self: get new glasses; get split ends cut; wear make-up when taking self-portraits; don’t show them The Dress until after the 28th December!

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