Monday, November 26, 2007

Woolgirl sock club November mailing

My Woolgirl sock club package for November has been rescued from HM Customs & Excise for the princely sum of £3.43 PLUS a Royal Mail “handling charge” of £8! I think this is outrageous cheek on the part of the Royal Mail. I (well FL actually) had to drive several miles to a distant sorting office at an inconvenient time to collect it – because the alternative was to attach stamps to that value to the notification card before they would re-deliver. Stamps to the value of £11.43?! Funnily enough I don’t have those lying around at home. Rant rant rant.

Inside: ahhhhh! Oooooh! The theme is “Irish dreams” and this was like receiving a really good “swap” package from someone who has taken great care and attention to detail – I am really impressed! There is: a skein of Spunky Eclectic Super Nova yarn in a specially-dyed colourway. It is meant to be reminiscent of Ireland… I have to say it’s not like any Ireland I have ever seen! I wish there was a better explanation of this! OK so it is green and orange, so the political landscape is there, but I can‘t see a reason for the pink or the purple. But I am not complaining because the purple is the bit I like best! The yarn is very soft 2-ply with a slight sheen and smells lovely. 20% nylon… which I normally avoid, but I know that this will make them stronger. And I think I like the pattern. Like last time, I am finding the photo really unclear. I think there are bobbles down it, which is a funny thing to have on a sock! FL wondered if they were meant to be bed socks since the pattern is called Irish Dreams…?

The other goodies: three tea bags and two straws of honey (lucky it survived the journey!). My son has already drunk the Pumpkin Spice tea and wants more. (Pumpkin Spice? Irish?!) A sheepish fridge magnet and card by Thomas Joseph. My daughter wants this. She had to do art “in the style of Thomas Joseph” a few months ago at school so we know the “look”. A little bar of lavender soap – mmmm! And a delicate copper stitchmarker which is “double-sided” for small or large needles.

So – yes I would recommend this sock club! Two successful packages of high quality unusual goodies so far. BUT the Customs issue really p’s me off. I cannot afford the extra charge on top of the club cost. Which is really sad because it should have been a real treat receiving this on my birthday. Instead it turned into a saga, involving FL and a calculator (calculating the VAT) – so now he knows the cost of the sock club itself – oops! There is just one more mailing this round and it will be my last. After that, I am going to have a diy sock club for one, involving a skein from my stash every month – who was it did this? Words and Wool I think – great idea! And there is enough in the stash to last a year!?!


Hanne said...

My package hasn't arrived yet and I fear the customs office has taken it. Finland counts also the shipping costs to purchase limit.

I won't renew my membership. This has been my first sock club with extra goodies (last three have been simply yarn) and it is nice to try US yarns. But I don't like to wonder if I have to pay VAT or not. The club is expensive enough as it is. Our customs office is almost unreachable by public transport, which is my only available option.

And to be honest, I haven't been too keen on colors. I think the lace in miss Babs pattern is lost because the yarn is multicolored. I'm following your example - I purchased Marina Piccola pattern for the yarn.

Can I join your Stash Sock Club-project? It would be more fun if more people parcipated. We could have a group blog or a blog ring where we could admire the yarns of the month. I think it could be great fun - and help me to stick with the stash knitting idea. If you agree, I could organize something.

stashsiren said...

I'm in with Hanne, if you're interested!!! Marie.

Teaandcakes said...

I can see Ireland in the yarn - the hills in Leitrim or the mountains in Wicklow when the heather's out (for the pink and purple) and the grass and the bog provide the greens and browns and yellows. Lovely.

Can't shed any light on the pumpkin tea or bobbles on socks though!