Monday, December 10, 2007

Another post about planning

Found on the needles: the Pine Cones Sweater, the premonition of a second Clessidra stocking, and a lurking So-Called Scarf.

My sock schedule for the new year will be determined by the whims of my random selection process in the Socks From Stash Club. So that’s 12 skeins accounted for!

But what do I really want to knit in 2008? Is it the same as what I want to wear? Could the two – gasp – coincide?

I realise that over the past year I have knitted far more than in any other year of my life. In fact, probably more than the rest of my life put together! And if I added up all the miles of knitting of socks, I would have completed several garment-sized objects. Interesting!

So… back to the Pine Cones sweater. It isn’t working. Like the garment I modelled it on, the twisted rib panel at the front... sags. And the shaping at the waist… bulges. I am knitting myself a muffin top. Lovely.

The So Called Scarf is… grey. Grey without depth. The stitch pattern which intrigued me over a year ago now looks… boring.

You see where this is going don’t you? Start the New Year afresh: rip, rip, rip.

But I DO need to knit the second Clessidra: off we go!

I paid a quick visit to PoshYarns to get some aran to make FL a Koolhaas hat - in "Zany" which is red and green - very Christmassy and cheerful. He needs cheering up. He had a depressed weekend: "Why are you marrying an old decrepit cripple?..." Yadda yadda yadda "Because I LOVE YOU! Now stop that and fetch the mop!" Rain streaming down the inside of the chimney into our bedroom - paddling through icy cold turnip-smelling water is not the best way to start your day. We need to get the builder back - sigh!

Made Christmas cards with my daughter. Made a banana, date and walnut cake - also with my daughter. Cut material for my tartan over-dress. Read a novel called "This Book Will Save Your Life". Waited for FL to emerge from his dark cloud. He is on dexamethasone (steroids) for the next 4 days - he will soon be buzzing.

Oh, and I rustled up a Gretel beret for myself. In medium size. One skein of charcoal Colinette Skye with top-up stripes from leftover coral merino from the first (slouchy) Gretel. The stripes were necessary due to low yardage, but I think the charcoal reveals its depths when contrasted with the pink. A real winter sunset combination! Picture? Working on it!

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