Monday, December 03, 2007

Birds on the line

On Saturday, the kids were both out at friends' houses, so First Love challenged me to make something with my new sewing machine. I was not allowed to cook dinner until I finished! Splutter! It was a bit like an episode of Project Runway without the bitchy asides. Although I definitely headed more into Angela-territory than planned - the "Holly Hobby artsy craftsy" school of fashion! I would like to call it "Marni-influenced", actually!

Another Japanese pattern from the same book as before (that's my third skirt from this book - it has paid for itself already!). The close-up shows you the tweed and the lace and the bird buttons. The washing-line view shows you "the look", but doesn't make the most of the swinging flare, which is really... swingy! I only had one metre of fabric for a pattern that was meant to take 1.7m, so had to do some piecing-together at the back. I used the lace to highlight the horizontal seam, and I think it works as a "design feature".

We ate dinner at 9pm - not bad!

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RooKnits said...

Looks fab. I love the birds... I bought some needle cord to make a swingy skirt like that. However I fear it will take me a lot longer than a few hours.