Thursday, December 20, 2007

Call me Rosie

So all the Christmas shopping is done. Every item was bought online. I have knitted 3 hats and 2 pairs of socks as presents (all blogged). I have still to knit something for my daughter. I was thinking I might give her “my” Marina Piccola socks… but I want to keep them for myself!

Yarn? From the stash, it is Fyberspates sock in Seascape (bright turquoise – she picked this as her favourite a while ago.) Pattern? Pomatomus? Marina Piccola? Esther? Ironwork? She has very slim legs so maybe Marina Piccola is the best plan, since I know it can be easily adjusted to fit.

Every year my mother sends money to get presents for “everyone”. So I have to decide what to label “from Grandma”. It gets harder and harder when the children’s interests divert from what Grandma might deem “suitable”.

The photo? Me and Feargal taken by FL the other day. Note the scruffy coat, the gorgeous hat and the very summery wellies. The next time you see me I will probably have changed my name!


Midsummer night's knitter said...

Wishing you both all the best for your day,

twistle said...

What an awesome idea - I hope you continue this wonderful journey of finding the new you!

lacewing said...

Best Wishes to you both on your upcoming nuptials.

Hanne said...

If your son likes Korpiklaani, he might also like Tarujen saari ( Their newest album is heavy folk rock.

Jill said...

Hope you have an awespme wedding day. I don't know you other than through your blog, but shed a wee tear when you announced you were getting married.

With very best wishes,


Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas.....

Warmest Wishes,

Marie, ARGH and The Little Rock Dude