Sunday, December 16, 2007

Cartoon dress

Gretel - a picture at last! So warm, I start to feel sleepy when I wear her!
And this weekend's sewing project: the black watch tartan over-dress. From the Japanese book "Cozy Homewear" (ISBN978-4-8347-5668-5).

Very simple drafting and sewing. I had problems trying to cut patch pockets which matched up the tartan while also lying at an angle - so I gave up! But I like the dress for its simplicity. You can tell it is a Japanese pattern because when it is laid flat, the hem curves up towards the side seams - it is like a child's drawing of an a-line dress, a cartoon dress! I am tempted to make one in a bright colour with black tape down the side seams and along the hem to show off this feature!

P.S. My wedding ring is at the assay office being hallmarked - woo hoo!

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