Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My wedding scarf

My mother has finished knitting my wedding scarf!

It is the Lead or Follow pattern, using Perchance to Knit laceweight silk / mohair in "Harlot's Peacock / Midnight Rainbow" which I bought from the Loopy Ewe.

She warned me that her hands had turned purple knitting it, so I took Hanne's advice and soaked it in a vinegar solution before washing and blocking.

It is narrower than I expected, but it is beautiful and I know that my mother agonised over it so I am absolutely NOT complaining!

Look at the shimmering colours! Rather like the Raven colours over at Blue Moon - so maybe this will stop me lusting over them! And look at the shadow too!
So that's me almost set for my wedding... except for the ring! But I won't go into that...


RooKnits said...


ambermoggie said...

Wow Ruth it is beautiful:)


How beautiful! I am SO glad things are coming together for your wedding! On the subject of Blue Moon 'Raven' series, if you pop over to my blog, you might see something that you like that's available a little closer to home. Glad you liked the 'scary beaver' pic! :)


Eek! I am SO excited!!! If you haven't already, you HAVE to look on Tsock Tsarina site at their beautiful designs - I have just ordered the gorgeous beaded kit! Think you'll like it! Extravagant, but what the hell - we girls need a treat!!!

Penny said...

That's a lovely scarf.

Gabrielle said...

R-you know, I can hardly wait for your wedding day to swing around!

With the shoe style that you have shown us, this beautiful scarf and your hints about your dress - I am guessing that your outfit is likely to be quite dramatic: I can hardly wait to see the pictures!

So TAKE lots of them on the day and make sure that you POST lots of them, after the day!