Monday, January 28, 2008

Clessidra knee high socks

On Saturday I devoted myself to finishing the Clessidra socks.

The yarn which Claudia so generously sent was quite a bit darker than the original skein, but working in alternate rows it blended in really well.

The stats: Clessidra from Knitty. Wollmeise superwash merino, in Veilchen (Violets) one full skein plus a few more grams. 2.25mm needles. I broke two Lantern Moon ebony needles in the course of this project. I also splintered a Brittany birch needle. In summary: I would advise you use metal needles!

I love the stitch patterns used, but the hourglass cables make my calves look rather more curvaceous that I would like! I shortened the leg slightly and I think this adds to the chubby effect. The seed stitch heel is a bit baggy. I have noticed other knitters complaining about this too.

The Wollmeise yarn is beautifully dyed but I am not sure I like the matte texture of the yarn itself. It is more like cotton than wool. It was quite splitty, but that was partly due to the needles used. I would be really interested to try out her new wool / nylon mix sock yarn.

In summary: I would not knit them again but I'm glad I did!


lacewing said...

well they look quite lovely and warm. Well done!

Gabrielle said...

I love seeing your projects, even though I don't knit socks myself!

Also, please accept an award - go see my blog for details!