Wednesday, January 23, 2008

January passions

Not yet the end of January and I have just added to the stash. Oh – I didn’t tell you I had a New Year’s Resolution not to buy more yarn, did I? Oops. When I get bored or frustrated at work I am like a kid in a sweetie shop, having instant access to Broadband. Tsk. I ought to take up short-story-writing or something – so I look like I am working hard, typing away. Instead I surf my frustrations away in a tiny window at the corner of my screen so as not to distract my colleagues with pictures of socks!

Anyway, I hadn’t bought any yarn yet this year... until today. It was a bad morning. I have had an unreasonable yearning for a multi-pack of self-striping (not fair-isle-style) German sock yarn. I probably compared two packs a dozen times yesterday. So today I made my selection. Each pair of socks will cost less than £5 to knit and I love all the colourways: turquoise with orange, purple with yellow - real stunners! 8 in the pack. That’s a lot of socks! But there are 4 of us in the family, so 2 pairs each doesn’t seem ridiculous, does it? I can even tell you who will get which colours...

In the meantime I have been collecting sock-knitting patterns. So that I can attack the stash with a full armoury. Digitessa and Fratello from Yarnissima have both been purchased. Spina da Pesce will probably follow shortly – I love the detail of these patterns!

And I bought a book of hat patterns from Woolly Wormhead. I see this as an investment in gift knitting. My cousin’s teenage daughter sent me a thank you note that made me smile. I sent her an Elf hat for Christmas and she sent me a note that read: “Thank you for the present. I have a PASSION for hats and my friends all agree that this is the one that suits me best.” Well, sweet girl, I have a PASSION for knitting, so stand by for many more crazy hats! (I wonder is she likes socks too?!)

So much for resolutions. But therapy is a wonderful thing.

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motopacsman said...

Stunning colors. They certainly will make a statement under your childrens' street clothes.