Friday, January 04, 2008

Last Woolgirl sock club parcel

My final Woolgirl sock club parcel arrived safely just before Christmas - hooray!

The yarn is Unique Sheep "permanently mothproofed" sportweight, merino superwash. Lovely and soft, with a faint smell of eucalyptus. The colours are well-represented in the photo, a beautiful frosty forest full of spruce greens. Also in the package: a copper stitchmarker, two sachets of gourmet cider (definitely what I will need tonight when I get home from work in the blizzard!), some cinnamon sticks, 4 fir tree sweeties, and a
Christmas tree measuring tape - cute!

Once again, a well-thought-out themed package based around a top-quality yarn. There was a pattern to go with the yarn, but yet again I can't see the stitch properly in the photos - is it just me who needs a bit more detail? I would never have bought the pattern based on the photos - it is some sort of vaguely-lacey cable (again).

So... Woolgirl sock club: would I do it again? I think if I was in the States I would not hesitate. But the hazards of international shipping (and most crucially, the fear of an import tax bill from HM Customs and Excise!) mean that I will not be renewing my subscription. It didn't feel like a treat when I was dreading a card through the door saying "we have your package to ransom - pay up, or you will never see your socks"!

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