Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunchoke day

Did you know that some people call Jerusalem Artichokes "sunchokes", because they produce a sunflower-like bloom?

Mine were definitely not blooming this weekend! I dug below the frosty weeds to see if they had survived... and was rewarded with a handful of fresh delicious organic bulbs. A rummage through the cookbooks found a recipe for sunchokes simmered in red wine and soy sauce, with garlic, onion and thyme. Mmmm!

The kids were dubious about eating "aliens", but the sunflower-seed studded rolls were an added incentive - as was the roast lamb joint! So not a solely vegetarian cooking session but using home-grown veg counts double, I reckon!

Later I also made a batch of chocolate bread. Bread-making is becoming addictive! This was also declared a success and I have squirreled away a loaf in the freezer for next weekend so we can have home made bread for breakfast - without me getting up 3 hours before the rest of the family!

FL golfed on Saturday but his caddy-car broke and he had to carry his clubs for the last few holes, with a bad effect on his back. He also has a very much bloodshot eye. Maybe its the warfarin (anti-coagulant) that is causing it? So he was a bit down in the dumps this afternoon... until the bread came out of the oven!

Manon-knitting progresses. I am now knitting a triplet of triangular panels, which grow out from the centre-back panel. Hard to describe, and the photo is locked on the other side of my son's password, as I accidentally uploaded the picture from my camera under his user-name - silly! I was tempted to change his password and retrieve it but it wasn't worth the grief. Photos will definitely follow!

P.S. Just noticed that the 'chokes are on a "Sunseeker" plate! I bought these in a junk shop in the New Forest - apparently they were given away free with a boat.... sadly I didn't get the boat free with the plates!

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