Friday, February 08, 2008

Library books

Last Saturday, I spent half a day travelling to and from the local library to collect my reserved books. That’s snow for you! But it was worth it for the subsequent hours of reading / browsing with the cat on my lap!

Fitted Knits” by Stefanie Japel got my attention straightaway. I seem to have an obsession with simple seed stitch / moss stitch / rib-type patterns at the moment and there are plenty of those in here. I particularly like the “Back to school vest” and the “Cozy v-neck pullover”, though I’m not sure they fit in to my current wardrobe: I think they look best over buttoned shirts and I don’t have any of those, not one! The vest only takes 3 balls of Cascade 220.

I also like the “Elizabeth Bennet” jacket and the “Puff-sleeved feminine cardigan” (what a terrible name!) and I know that both of those would work well with my current work style. Real possibilities here!

There's a really good review of the book here is you want to know more. And the KAL is here.

Knitting New Scarves” is an odd book. I do wonder how it found its way into the library’s collection – an idiosyncratic choice when there are so many exceptional knitting books out there but NOT in the library. An awful lot of “architectural” items (big stuffed knitted pearls anyone?) which might be worn as knitted over-sized jewellery but not really as neck-warmers, which has always seemed to me to be the point of a scarf. However, it is interesting to look through from the point of view of learning new techniques. I might give it another look. Knitalong is here.

I also reserved two books on “modular knitting”. One was dreadful. Nothing more than how to sew together squares of garter stitch to make a blanket / scarf. The second was more interesting, but compared to the directional approach of, say, Norah Gaughan, it just didn’t really excite me. Now why doesn’t the library have “Knitting Nature”? That one is high up on my Amazon wish list, now I am immersed in Gaughan-icity (Manon)!

This weekend I collect “Knitting Classic Style” (Veronica Avery) from my library reservation list. Trying not to drown myself in plans for future projects!
Almost finished Manon! One sleeve to go. Hopefully there will be pictures on Monday - woo hoo!

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