Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The things that aMOOse me

After I mentioned FL’s severe scalp-flaking problem, I had an email from Andre recommending… wait for it… UDDER cream! Yes, it is a veterinary product for cows with sore teats! After checking it was not April 1st, I did a bit of Googling and discovered that the product in question is marketed in the UK by “not just for cows”. And it sounds so intriguing and convincing I thought I would share the info here.

Apparently it is widely-used in the U.S. by all sorts of sports-people / craft-workers and is recommended for dealing with the extra-dry skin problems associated with steroid chemotherapy. FL has been using E45 cream on his feet and hands, but his scalp is by far the worst-affected area. Time for some deep-teat treatment I think!

And, remarkably, it is available over the counter at a pharmacy in a town very near to us: UDDERly amazing!


gabrielle said...

*grin* At least it comes in a funky pot?! I am not sure that FL will mind what it is used for, as long as it quickly and udderly does the job?!

motopacsman said...

I suspect it will also help with the dry hands one must get from knitting. I hadn't thought of that use when I made the recommendation for FL.

ambermoggie said...

oohh yes it is wonderful for dry hands also:)