Monday, February 04, 2008

Tiddley pom

"The more it snows (tiddley pom), the more it goes (tiddley pom) on snowing... on snowing.

And no-one knows (tiddley pom), how cold my TOES (tiddley pom) are growing, are growing!" (from The Hums of Pooh, A.A. Milne)

Proper snow at last! It didn't last for long, but all day on Saturday, the farm was inches deep in white stuff.

Perfect weather for home-made bread and soup! A trip to Lidl (my new surprise shopping destination!) brought us a huge celeriac for soup and a German sunflower bread-making mix - delicious! Four people warmed-through for less than £1!
I also had a trip to the local library to collect my reserved books: "Fitted Style" and "Knitting New Scarves". (More about these another day.)On the way, I managed to get stuck halfway up the neighbouring farmer's hill. FL had told me only to attempt the hill if the tractor had been up already... well it had, but obviously it had a lot more grip than my little car, so I ended up slithering to a graceful stop when my foot was firmly pressed on the accelerator. Two Polish farmhands tried to help me, but it was no use: the hill was too steep and too icey. We gestured and smiled at each other and they shrugged a lot - clearly they don't have much English and I have no Polish! So FL had to come trudging (and puffing alarmingly!) up the hill to rescue me. He reversed me back down the way I had come and back up the other side to the "main" road at high speed to beat the ice - scary! Interestingly enough, the farmhands seemed to understand broad Doric better than English - which makes sense since the only "English" person they meet is probably the farmer! FL automatically speaks in dialect when he is hailing local farmers. I hope the farmhands don't think they are learning English from their employer!
After all this excitement I was glad to spend Sunday snuggled up on the sofa with my knitting! Manon is progressing well. I have completed the peplum, one front, and most of the back. Just a front and two sleeves to go. I have made some modifications along the way, which I will blog about when I finish. I am not used to knitting such a heavy garment in one piece, so my wrists are killing me today. Socks are definitely next on the needles!


RooKnits said...

I am a little jealous of your snow.... but not the getting stuck bit. I was mumbling that poem to myself on Friday night as I was lying in bed watching the snow flurries but by Saturday morning most of it had gone :0(

Knittings Nice! said...

Loving the snow and the knitting.